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Hanging type air disinfection machine

  • HB-Z-B100 Hanging type air disinfection machine
HB-Z-B100 Hanging type air disinfection machine

HB-Z-B100 Hanging type air disinfection machine

  • The product name:HB-Z-B100 Hanging type air disinfection machine
  • Belongs to the category:Hanging type air disinfection machine
  • Product popularity:248

Product introduction:

Wall hung type ultraviolet air disinfection machine is in the ultraviolet germicidal lamp (center wavelength of 253.7 nm), filter, fan for main components of ultraviolet air disinfection machine, static disinfection equipment, 24 hours man-machine symbiosis, no any side effects. With the elimination of toxic and harmful gases and odors, and has the function of automatic oxygenation. The machine has the advantages of beautiful appearance, small size, automatic detection and automatic alarm when the equipment failure, maintenance.

Product characteristics:

▲ With man-machine coexistence mode, the indoor air can be continuously and dynamically sterilized with the operation of people;
▲ Without any damage to human or items;
▲ There is no smell, radiation or corrosion to equipment;
▲ Filtering, dust removal and sterilization using medium-efficiency air;
▲ Long service life and high-intensity ultraviolet sterilization;
▲ Air freshening using negative oxygen ions;
▲ Smell removal using photocatalyst activated carbon membrane;
▲ Adjustable wind speed and wind direction in multiple angles;
With microcomputer programmed automatic running, you can set the
ON/OFF time in advance;
Infrared remote control operation;
▲  Digital Chinese display screen;
▲  UV automatic fault automatic monitoring;
▲ Automatic time accumulating maintenance alarm;
▲ Matching high-quality ballast, anti-interference metal housing, stable and reliable operation;
▲ Ultra-quiet through flow fan.



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