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Built in ozone generator

  • HBC-K100 Built in ozone generator
HBC-K100 Built in ozone generator

HBC-K100 Built in ozone generator

  • The product name:HBC-K100 Built in ozone generator
  • Belongs to the category:Built in ozone generator
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Product introduction:

The built-in ozone generator is the ozone disinfection machine installed in the air conditioning duct. Generally speaking, the area of the clean area is large, and the purification system of the central air conditioning system is used to purify the clean areas. With the air duct of the air flow, into the clean area, clean area for disinfection, the remaining ozone suction return air, by the central air conditioning.

Scope of application:

It is mainly used for the disinfection and sterilization of various clean areas in large pharmaceutical factories, food factories, medical equipment units, and laboratories.

Product characteristics:

 Advanced ceramic surface discharge technology is used to ensure the generation of high concentration ozone. Use high-power centrifugal fan to transmit the ozone to the return air duct or negative pressure zone of the central air conditioning system, and then use the circulating air of the central air conditioning to transmit the ozone evenly to the entire clean room to achieve the purpose of disinfection.

 Use the unique stainless steel discharge design which has the characteristics of safety, efficiency, no leakage and so on. The ozone discharge chamber and the air supply system are equipped with alarm monitoring to ensure the safe and trouble-free operation of the equipment. The machine uses machine, electricity and gas integration technology, and PLC automatic control system, so it is safe to use it in explosion-proof and damp conditions. The machine has the notable features of high concentrations of ozone, large output, low power consumption and stable operation, and it can simultaneously serve multiple HVAC systems.



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