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ozone sterilizing cabinet

  • HBC-L300 ozone sterilizing cabinet
  • HBC-L300 ozone sterilizing cabinet
  • HBC-L300 ozone sterilizing cabinet
HBC-L300 ozone sterilizing cabinetHBC-L300 ozone sterilizing cabinetHBC-L300 ozone sterilizing cabinet

HBC-L300 ozone sterilizing cabinet

  • The product name:HBC-L300 ozone sterilizing cabinet
  • Belongs to the category:ozone sterilizing cabinet
  • Product popularity:189
Product introduction:

The equipment is applicable to pharmacy, biological products, hospitals, medical device and other industries. It is used for conducting ozone disinfection and sterilization for moulds,

raw and auxiliary materials, packaging materials, working clothes and containers. It can completely replace ultraviolet lamp irradiation and high temperature and high pressure disinfection,

and the sterilization effect is good, without secondary pollution.

Scope of application:
The equipment is applicable to pharmacy, biological products, hospitals, medical device and other industries. It is used for conducting ozone disinfection and sterilization for moulds, raw and auxiliary materials, packaging materials, working clothes and containers. It can completely replace ultraviolet lamp irradiation and high temperature and high pressure disinfection, and the sterilization effect is good, without secondary pollution.

Product characteristics:

Double-layer design, built-in circulating fan, the sterilization effect of double-layer air duct is good at the normal temperature.

Advanced air laminar flow sterilization principle is used, and thus material sterilization is more scientific, more reasonable and more thorough.

All stainless steel structure and fine dense welding process are used to ensure no leakage of ozone.

Convection sterilization principle is used, microcomputer time-controlling startup/shutdown, the equipment can be unattended, and the operation is simple and convenient.

The sterilization effect of working clothes is good.

The equipment can be designed into double-door interlocking, so as to achieve the transfer of window function.



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