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water treatment ozone generator

  • HBC-M water treatment ozone generator
HBC-M water treatment ozone generator

HBC-M water treatment ozone generator

  • The product name:HBC-M water treatment ozone generator
  • Belongs to the category:water treatment ozone generator
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Product introduction:

Water cooling type ozone generator HBC-M mainly for medicine, pure water, mineral water, secondary water supply, swimming pool water, aquaculture, food and beverage industry, water disinfection and purification treatment and chemical industry, paper industry, such as degreasing, bleaching, bleaching, for life, industry, hospital sewage discharge standard treatment (sterilization, remove the BDR, COD, etc.), as well as aquatic products production line spray sterilization is processed vegetable processing line spray or immersion sterilization.

Product characteristics:

▲ Water-cooled titanium alloy ozone discharge tubes are used, and thus the equipment is characterized by high ozone concentration, stable operation and being able to work continuously for a long time.
▲ The equipment has PLC programmable control program and imported IGBT module power supply system, so as to control the power supply, voltage, frequency, water temperature and air pressure in the equipment operation.
▲ Real-time monitoring and systematically comprehensive protection are implemented for many parameters. At the same time, man-machine interface function can be achieved according to the need.
▲ The domestic first-class modular power supply system is one of the core conditions to guarantee the reliable operation of the ozone generator. The workmanship of the electrodes inside and outside the ozone discharge room is fine and standard, the air gap is even, the discharge gap is precise, and its high voltage resistance and gas source impact are much higher than those of similar products.
▲ Ozone output is large, with high concentration, energy consumption is low, operation is stable, and thus one machine can serve many HVAC systems.
▲ The advanced cooling water circulation system makes the ozone concentration be able to reach 80-120m g/L (oxygen source) while not be affected by air temperature, humidity and other environmental factors.
▲ The electromechanical integration design is beautiful and generous, the operation is flexible and convenient, and the occupied area is small.
▲ The advanced air pretreatment system (conduct cooling, drying, filtration, water removal, dust removal and PSA oxygen making for the air) is one of the necessary conditions to supply the clean air source for the ozone discharge room.
▲ The air source or the oxygen source self-provided by the user can be used for the equipment, so as to reduce the use cost.



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