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Mobile ozone generator

  • HBC-Y30 Mobile ozone generator
HBC-Y30 Mobile ozone generator

HBC-Y30 Mobile ozone generator

  • The product name:HBC-Y30 Mobile ozone generator
  • Belongs to the category:Mobile ozone generator
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Product introduction:
It is an air purifier with the use of anti-bacterial and mould proof filter network, circulating fan, high voltage plasma electron electrostatic field, photoelectric catalytic technology, photocatalyst, anion generator and intelligent controller. With the circulating air supply, the residual dust in the light contact is catalyzed, oxidized and decomposed The filtered air is neutralized by negative ions, and the indoor air is naturally fresh. Suppress air pollution, purify indoor air, improve indoor air quality, and promote human health.
Application range:
Suitable for the disinfection and sterilization of clean room without HVAC system, can be placed anywhere in the clean area according to needs, and the ozone produced will be delivered to the clean space evenly by the use of a large power axial blower.
Product features:
▲ With moving chassis, the equipment can be freely moved according to the actual situation.
▲ The host and control system can be designed separately according to need, and can be designed as a control cabinet with multiple hosts.

▲ Microcomputer electronic control system can realize unattended.

▲ The ozone generator is easy to disassemble and easy to maintain.




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