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Super clean working table to buy standard Share

Prior to the purchase of a super clean bench, the first to confirm the need for what kind of ultra clean table, is the vertical flow of the ultra clean platform or the level of the super clean bench, and then to confirm the number of net work table and the use of the number of people, single or double sided or double sided. After determining the above two points, the model of the super clean bench is basically determined.

The structure of the super clean working table is basically a shell plus a fan and a two layer filter, but their price is different. Wind machine, so first of all, there are some super clean bench appearance is novel and beautiful, the use of the material is high quality stainless steel in the housing costs will be relatively high; secondly, super clean bench is the distinction between the price, some super clean bench is imported fan, noise, vibration, and some ultra clean table used in the domestic fan, in the use of a period of time after may appear as noise, impact experiment; finally, super clean bench, membrane, because HEPA film will directly affect the super clean workbench use life and cleanliness, so high-quality efficient membrane in cost will be relatively high.

Some users in the purchase of clean equipment, will be confused with the use of the ultra clean bench, ventilation cabinet and biological safety cabinet. Generally speaking, super clean bench is used for sterile clean experimental operation, to protect Taiwan samples, but cannot protect the front of the operator, so do not use in the operation of some harmful microorganisms; ventilation cabinet is a suction device, wind from a human operator is inhaled and Taiwan in to protect the operator, but can not protect samples; biological safety cabinet can also protect samples in front of the operator. After get to understand these knowledge, we believe that we will have a more clear understanding of the purchase of ultra clean table.


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