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Effect of low-temperature plasma sterilizer principle Share

Action principle

H2O2 plasma can be achieved quickly under normal temperature conditions, dry sterilization purposes, a variety of sterilization conditions combined result of:

1. The role of gene activity: A large number of active oxygen ions, high-energy plasma freedom groups, and other ingredients contained, easily and bacteria, fungi, spores and viruses in proteins and nucleic acids oxidation reaction of degeneration, so that each column microbial death .

2. High-speed particle breakdown effect: after sterilization by electron microscopy experiments, the bacterial cell with the virus particle image plasma effect after showed riddled like, which is generated by a high kinetic energy of electrons and ions effects caused by etching and breakdown.

3. The role of ultraviolet light: H2O2 formed during plasma excitation, along with part of the ultraviolet light, which is the high-energy ultraviolet photons (3.3-3.6EV) microbial or viral protein is absorbed, resulting in its molecular variability inactivation.


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